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THE ANIMATORI - Anđeli nas zovu da im skinemo krila (1983)

THE ANIMATORI was formed in 1980, in Zagreb, Croatia, by Krešimir Blažević (singer, songwriter and guitar player), Andro Purtić, Vatroslav Markušić and Tomislav Brezičević. Band history dating back from 1977 when Krešimir Blažević from Slavonski Brod coming to study in Zagreb and joined to sympho rock group "Animatori". The group soon broke up and after three years Krešimir Blazević has formed a new group with the old name and a completely different music. In the fall of 1982 they recorded first album "Anđeli nas zovu da im skinemo krila". The greatest success achieved by the title track, which is a few months remained in first place on TV show "Hit mjeseca". Krešimir Blažević died in 2007 in Zagreb.

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