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PORODIČNA MANUFAKTURA CRNOG HLEBA were a former Yugoslav acoustic rock band and a theatre group and one of the pioneers of the former Yugoslav acoustic rock scene. The band was formed in 1968 by Maja de Rado (songwriter, vocals and twelve string guitar), Jugoslav Vlahović (acoustic guitar) and Slobodan Kuzmanović (acoustic guitar). Being close relatives they named the band "Porodična manufaktura crnog hleba". At the beginning of 1969 they were joined by Petar Pavišić (double bass). The band worked with several flutists: Vlada Bogosavljević, Sreten Tasić and Branko Malkoč. The band held happenings in the basement of "Atelje 212" theatre, and during 1972 and 1973 performed alternative play "Porodična manufaktura crnog hleba - Balada Maje de Rado", during which they performed their music. In 1974 they released their debut album "Stvaranje". Following the release of "Stvaranje" they started performing a play with the same name at "Atelje 212" during which they played photographic slides and short films. Painter Dobrivoje Petrović performed with the band, playing sitar. At the time of recording of their second studio album, Porodična Manufaktura Crnog Hleba disbanded due to the male members' army obligations. (from wikipedia)

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