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LEB I SOL - Leb i sol 2 (1978)

LEB I SOL second album would be with the same lineup as the first and the same overall style too. "Akupunktura" has this relaxed intro then it kicks in at a minute. Nice drum and guitar work here. In fact the guitar provides a light show after 3 minutes. Nice. "Kako ti drago" has these intricate sounds that come and go and the tempo continues to shift too. "Aber dojde donke" opens with atmosphere as the guitar makes some noise. Keys come in. Drums 2 minutes in. So good. "Talasna dužina" opens with synths and guitar. Drums and vocals join in. "Dikijeva igra" kicks in quickly to an uptempo instrumental soundscape. "Uzvodno od tuge" is spacey with piano and bass. Drums and guitar follow. "Marija" opens with electric piano and cymbals. It picks up with drums out front. Guitar 3 minutes in. Killer stuff. It's the keyboards turn after 5 minutes then the guitar returns 6 minutes in to end it. "Bonus" is a short piece with laid back guitar and vocals. They started their careers with a couple of exceptional albums that would satisfy any progressive jazz/fusion fan. (by Mellotron Storm)

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