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LEB I SOL - Kao kakao (1987)

After LEB I SOL released the album "Zvučni zid" in the band came Goce Micanov (saxophone) and Kiril Džajkovski (keyboards). Shortly thereafter they began recording material for new album "Kao kakao". They decided to change the musical style and offer ten vocal tracks. As musical guests on the album appear Dragana Šarić (known as Bebi Dol), Ana Kostovska and Ronnie Wathen, who played irish bagpipes. The texts are written by Vlatko Stefanovski and his brother Goran. Album produced by Vlatko Stefanovski, Bodan Arsovski and Bratislav Zafirovski. The text for the song "Femme Fatale" written by Arsen Dedić. The album contains some great success songs like "Skopje","Kao kakao", "Mamurni ljudi" and "Čuvam noć od budnih".

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