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RIBLJA ČORBA - Istina (1985)

"Istina" is the sixth studio album by RIBLJA ČORBA. The album is considered by fans and critics alike to be one of Riblja Čorba's finest works, as well as the band's triumphant comeback after the unsuccessful album "Večeras vas zabavljaju muzičari koji piju". "Istina" is also significant as the band's first album recorded with guitarists Vidoja Božinović and Nikola Čuturilo, the two joining the band after the departure of Rajko Kojić and Momčilo Bajagić. The album was recorded during the winter 1984–1985. It was recorded by Goran Vejvoda and produced by John McCoy. After Riblja Čorba's record label Jugoton refused to release the songs "Snage opozicije", "Pogledaj dom svoj, anđele", "Alo", and "Dvorska budala" because of the provocative political-related lyrics, the band signed back with Jugoton's main competitor PGP-RTB. Nevertheless, the song "Snage opozicije" was not released on the album, and it only saw the light of day some thirteen years later on the 1997 compilation album "Treći srpski ustanak". The track "Disko mišić" featured Goran Bregović, leader of Riblja Čorba's biggest rivals at the time, Bijelo Dugme, on vocals (Đorđević previously made a guest appearance on Bijelo Dugme's 1984 self-titled album, singing with Bregović in the song "Pediculis Pubis"). (from wikipedia)

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