petak, 17. veljače 2017.

SPEKTAR - Spektar (1974)

SPEKTAR was formed in 1974, in Zagreb, Croatia (ex-Yugoslavia) by keyboardist and composer Enco Lesić who had just left the group Indexi leaving behind his song "Sve ove godine" which earned them a smash hit in 1972. The members included: Davor Rocco on bass, Dragan Brčić on drums, Neven Frangeš on piano and Enco Lesić on assorted keyboards. Frangeš soon dropped due to his academic and jazz career but continued to collaborate with the band on stage. After only a few live gigs in Zagreb the band were given opportunity to record a debut album in Ljubljana studios while the newly formed "Suzy" label from Zagreb was ready to invest in the release. Virtually unknown outside of Zagreb scene, Spektar disbanded following the lack of success of the album. (by Seyo)

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