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NOKAUT - Žuti taxi (1980) Single

NOKAUT was a Serbian rock band from Zaječar (Serbia), in former Yugoslavia. In period 1974-1979 better known as ZLATNI PRSTI. Nokaut was active untill 1983. This is their first single record from 1980.

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ZLATNI PRSTI - Zlatni prsti (1976)

ZLATNI PRSTI was formed in 1970, in Zaječar (Serbia) by Momčilo Radenković (vocal, guitar), Slobodan Radenković (bass), Dragan Batalo (keyborads) and Dragan Trajković (drums and percussions). Their debut album "Zlatni prsti" was released for PGP RTB in 1976.

subota, 23. srpnja 2016.

ORANGE - Madbringer (1983)

POMARANČA (aka ORANGE) second album from 1983.


POMARANČA - Peklenska pomaranča (1981)

Slovenian heavy metal band POMARANČA was formed in 1980, in Ljubljana (ex-Yugoslavia). Musically, they incorporated elements of AC/DC, Deep Purple and Accept, but added little creative input of their own. Band is still active. This is their first album from 1981.


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PRO ARTE - Pruži mi ruku, ljubavi (1970)

PRO ARTE was a pop rock band from Sarajevo, especially popular in the former Yugoslavia in the 1970s. The group was founded in 1967. The keyboardist and composer Đorđe Novković was the only constant in the band, through which passed some say as many as 100 musicians. Another constant of the band was their lead singer Vladimir Savčić Čobi, which is a part came after a number of earlier singers. It was only with him the band is experiencing its first successes. Đorđe Novković is also played with Indexi, since 1968. (replaced Kornelije Kovač who went to the Korni groupa) until the beginning of 1970 when it was replaced by Ranko Rihtman and he returned to the Pro Arte. This is their first album from 1970. (from wikipedia)

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LE CINEMA - Rocking At The Party (1989)

LE CINEMA is a Croatian rock band formed in 1985 in Zagreb (Croatia) by Ivan Piko Stančić (drums, vocals), Mladen Juričić Max (guitar, vocals) and Marino Pelajić Barracuda (bass, vocals). They played mainly processing punk and new wave and quickly obtained the status of attraction. In 1989 they issued live album "Rocking At The Party" recorded in klub "Kulušić" in 1988.


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CADILLAC - It's Only Rock'n'Roll (1982)

CADILLAC was a rock & roll band from Zagreb (Croatia),  formed in 1979 in Frankfurt, Germany. This is their first album from 1982.


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AUTOPUT - Štemeri (1980-1982)

AUTOPUT was a hard rock band from Varaždin (Croatia) in former Yugoslavia. This is their demo recordings from 1980-1982. (thanks to Ana)


ZANA NIMANI & ŽELJKO BEBEK - Jabuke i vino (1983) Single

ZANA sixth single record in duet with vocalist of Bijelo Dugme, Željko Bebek.

petak, 15. srpnja 2016.

ZANA - Dodirni mi kolena (1982)

ZANA was formed in 1980 in Beograd (Serbia) by Zoran "Kikamac" Živanović (keyboards) and Radovan Jovićević (guitar). The band was named after its first and most popular lead vocalist, Zana Nimani. The band released several singles before their first album "Loše vesti uz rege za pivsku flašu" was released for the Yugoslav major label Jugoton in 1981. During this short and less known initial period, Zana was a New Wave band and part of the Yugoslav New Wave music scene. They were featured on the compilations "Svi marš na ples!" and "Vrući dani i vrele noći". The band and especially Zana Nimani herself gained nationwide popularity across the former Yugoslavia with their very successful second album "Dodirni mi kolena" released for Jugoton in 1982. With this album, the band shifted towards a more power pop sound, thus fusing New Wave music with more radio-friendly pop. However, certain elements of the then-popular New Romantic and synthpop sound are also evident on this record. The album was recorded in Torsby, Sweden between May 20 and June 25, 1982, with the line-up: Zana Nimani (vocalist); Kikamac (ARP omnisynthesizer and piano); Radovan Jovićević and Igor "Mali" Jovanović (guitar); Bogdan "Bogi" Dragović (bass guitar and backing vocals); Pavle "Paja Banana" Nikolić (drums), Bylla Gunnar Byllin (percussion); Goran Nillson (saxophone) and Tini (Roland guitar synthesizer). (from wikipedia)

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YU GRUPA - Samo napred (1979)

"Samo napred" is the fifth YU GRUPA album and the first album recorded with the drummer Dragoljub Đuričić (who replaced Dragan Micić), the keyboardist Dragan Janković, and the guitarist Bata Kostić (who, although previously a member of the band, never appeared on any album recorded by the band, except on "Među zvezdama" as guest). "Samo napred" would be the last album recorded by Yu Grupa before they disbanded in 1981. The band would reunite in 1987 and release the album "Od zlata jabuka".

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YU GRUPA - Tragovi (1990)

"Tragovi" is the eighth studio album released by YU GRUPA. The album marked the return of drummer Ratislav Đelmaš into the band. It is the first album he recorded with the band since YU grupa's 1975 self-titled album. (from wikipedia)