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ASTORIA - Čin-prvi (1988)

ASTORIA was a Macedonian pop rock band from Skopje (ex-Yugoslavia). The band formed as "Raskoljnikov" in 1986 by Toše Pop-Simonov, the members were previously members of various Macedonian groups. They had their first hit at Makfest Song Festival 1987 ("Veruvaj vo ljubovta", awarded for best lyrics), and soon after entered the studios to record their first album (December 1987 -- March 1988). The album was recorded in Serbian language at Laza Ristovski's "L.R." studios in Beograd, who co-produced it with Toše Pop-Simonov. The album's release under the PGP RTB label was conditioned with the change of the group's name. That's how "Raskoljnikov" became ASTORIA. The group's line-up was: Stefan Stevo Čepiševski (vocals), Tatjana Tanja Stanković (keyboards and vocals), Filip Vanovski (keyboards), Branko Spasovski (bass guitar), Gorjan Miškov (drums) and Toše Pop-Simonov (guitar and midi guitar). After the release of the album they particilated at Mesam Festival 1988 in Beograd and had another song in Macedonian in 1989 -- "Loša noć (Pojavi se)". The band disbanded by the end of 1980's. (from

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