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WILD STRAWBERRIES - Wild Strawberries (1986)

In 1986 DIVLJE JAGODE started recording an English language album with new bass guitarist Zlatan Čehić. Eight of their old songs were rerecorded with English language lyrics and the album featured two new songs, "Fire on the Water" and "Wild Boys". Album featured keyboardist Don Airey as guest musician. At this time Zele Lipovača was approached to join Whitesnake as lead guitarist, but refused focusing on WILD STRAWBERRIES career. Adopting a glam metal outlook, the band performed at The Marquee and a number of English clubs. The pilot single with song "Shayla" was released, but being suspicious about Wild Strawberries' success in Great Britain, Alen Islamović (vocal) accepted Goran Bregović's invitation and joined Bijelo Dugme, and Wild Strawberries' debut release was delayed. Album "Wild Strawberries" appeared in 1986, but the band did not have any live performances following the album release. Wild Strawberries was soon released in Sweden, Germany, Italy and Netherlands. (from wikipedia)

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