utorak, 8. studenoga 2016.

JUTRO (Ljubljana) - Dobro jutro (1980)

JUTRO was formed in Ljubljana, Slovenia, in 1970 with original line-up: Zoran Crnković (guitar), Marjan Frol (bass) and Pavle Ristić (drums). Later on Miro Tomassini (bass), Dragan Gajo (drums) and Alan Jakin (guitar) replaced Frol and Ristić. In the beginning they performed boogie rock, but during the mid-70s played cover versions of classical music works, notably that of Mozart, much in the vein of Dutch band Ekseption. They performed their prog rock version of "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik" at the famous BOOM Pop Festival '73 in Ljubljana. Ristić came back for the recording of the 7" single "Prema suncu/Mozart" in 1976, containing the repeated cover of the mentioned classical work. In 1978, when Lado Jakša (saxophone) and Jordan Gancev (keyboards) joined the group, JUTRO changed the style and started playing jazz-rock. They released only one album "Dobro jutro", which went unnoticed during the New Wave boom in ex-Yugoslavia in 1980, and the band slowly disappeared from the scene. (by Sead S. Fetahagić)

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