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GRUPA "I" - Na svom talasu (1980)

GRUPA "I" was formed on January 1979 by guitarists Dejan Kostić and Predrag Mijović, drummer Branko Kuštrin "Mango", bassist Branko Kojić, and vocalist Branko Bogićević. The lineup recorded their debut single "Sestra Vera", with "Miris ulice" as the single B-side, released by PGP-RTB in 1979, after which Bogićević left the band, and bassist Kojić took over the vocal duties. The debut album "Na svom talasu", released by PGP-RTB in 1980, presented a combination of diverse musical influences, including hard rock, power pop, ska and reggae. The album, recorded at the PGP-RTB studio V, during the Summer 1980, featured the prominent tracks "Tinejdž bluz", "G.S.B-S.O.S.", "Jugo rok", featuring a quotation from the chorus of the Vatreni Poljubac song "Doktor za rokenrol", and "Mirela", was produced by Slobodan Marković, who also appeared as song arranger and guest keyboard player. After the album release, guitarist Predrag Mijović left the band, quitting his musical career and moving to Botswana. In the meantime, the band had released the single "Sa tobom, bez tebe", with "Bekstvo" as the B-side. The B-side appeared on the following studio album, "I zvuci za I ljude", also featuring the notable tracks "Nove vrednosti" and "Složena procedura opstanka", mainly ska oriented. Guest appearances featured Vuk Vujačić (saxophone) and Disciplina Kičme frontman Dušan Kojić "Koja" (backing vocals), who also produced the dub version of "Nove vrednosti" which appeared on the four-track EP of the same name, released in 1982 by PGP-RTB. After the EP release, the band ceased to exist. (from wikipedia)

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