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ROMANTIČNE BOJE were a synth-pop band from Niš, a town in the South of Serbia (ex Yugoslavia). They started as a punk band, and then, out of the blue, Zoran Cvetkovic Cvele, who had played the guitar, bought a Casio synthesizer and a new band was formed......a young, dynamic and energetic trio. Their first gig happened in The Music Club (the most famous club of the time), and after that they recorded their first demo tapes “Noć” and “Poslednji tango” in the studio of Radio Niš. The demos were constantly played on the radio, and the audience was thrilled by the freshness of their sound. The band was not completely satisfied by it, so they bought better synths and soon their music became more refined and sophisticated. They received some great reviews from the music critics of the time and decided it was the time for a proper vinyl release. Everyone loved them, their tracks were played regularly on radio stations, and they even made a video for “Tišina”. However, PGP RTB, the most important record label of the time, didn’t want to release their album, so Cvele got very disappointed and the band unfortunately ceased to exist. Their major influences were The Human League, Kraftwerk and John Foxx, but they cannot be denied the originality of sound. Band members: Zoran Cvetković (synthesizer & vocal), Goran Radenković (synthesizer) and Goran Veljković (rhythm machine). (from

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