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GORDI - Čovek (1978)

GORDI was formed in November 1977 by Zlatimir Zlatko Manojlović. The band's first lineup consisted of Zlatko Manojlović (guitar, vocals), Zlatko's brother Goran Manojlović (keyboards), Stevan Milutinović Steva (drums) and Dragan Janković (bass guitar). After Zdenko Pomper replaced Janković on bass guitar, the band released its debut album "Čovek" in 1978. Album featured song "Misli", which was previously released on the B-side of the single "Žeđ", the last single released by Manojlović's previous band Dah. The album was progressive rock-influenced and in an interwiev for Rock Express Zlatko Manojlović described the band's sound as "psychedelic". Soon after the album release, Pomper was replaced by Slobodan Svrdlan, and Gordi released their second studio album "Gordi 2". The album was released in 1979. While the band's first album was mainly progressive rock-oriented, "Gordi 2" featured more hard rock elements. In 1980 Zlatko Manojlović released his first solo album "Zlatko i njegove gitare" and in 1981 the band released their third studio album "Gordi 3". Although progressive/hard rock-oriented, "Gordi 3" also featured pop music elements. The same year, Gordi performed as the opening band on Ian Gillan Band concert in Beograd. In 1981, Gordi became a power trio, after Stevan Milutinović was replaced by Čedomir Petrović "Čeda", and Goran Manojlović left the band. The band signed for Jugoton and released the album "Pakleni trio" which marked Gordi's shift toward's heavy metal and is considered one of the milestones on the former Yugoslav hard rock and heavy metal scene. In 1982, the band released "Kraljica smrti" album, however, they failed to sustain their popularity and disbanded two years after the album release. (from wikipedia)

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