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QUATEBRIGA - Revolution In The Zoo (1985)

Jazz-rock group QUATEBRIGA started in 1984, in Ljubljana (Slovenia) when their leader, saxophone player Milko Lazar teamed up with former Begnagrad members - guitarist Igor Leonardi, bassist Nino De Gleria, drummer Aleš Rendla and later with David Jarh. In the following years, the group changed a couple of members, but the firm base remaining Lazar-DeGleria-Rendla trio. In that time, also some other musicians were working with the band: Branko Mirt, Matjaž Albreht, Aci Lukač and Agim Brizani. In 1989 Lazar breakes off with Quatebriga, having recorded two albums in avant-jazz/rio style - "Revolution In The Zoo" and "The Choice Of The New Generation", and continues with solo career. In 1995 Lazar rejoins Quatebriga, and in 1997 the group recorded its last record "Post Mortem Dump" and after a decade of performing, they finish their ways. (by Seyo S. Fetahagić)

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