četvrtak, 19. svibnja 2016.

KATARINA II - Katarina II (1984)

KATARINA II is the first studio album by the Serbian rock band EKATARINA VELIKA, released in 1984. The band was called Katarina II at the time of its release, but changed the name to Ekatarina Velika, and has continued to work under that name till the end. The band had started recording of the album in Beograd (in studio owned by Enco Lesić, a producer), but due to various problems it was finally recorded for the Slovenian label ZKP RTLJ (RTV Ljubljana). The album producer was Đorđe Petrović. The guest stars were Mario Čelik (on congas) and Jurij Novoselić (on saxophone) from the Croatian new wave band Film. (from wikipedia)


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