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DORIAN GRAY - Sjaj u tami (1983)

DORIAN GRAY was formed in 1982, in Zagreb, Croatia (ex-Yugoslavia) consisting of the frontman Massimo Savić (vocals, guitar), Vedran Čupić (guitar), Emil Krnjić (bass guitar), Toni Ostojić (keyboards), and Branko Terzić (drums), who suggested the name "Dorian Gray" after the Oscar Wilde's fictional character Dorian Gray. Since the group was into art rock, influenced by artists such as David Sylvian's Japan, Bryan Ferry's Roxy Music and some David Bowie's works, the other members found the suggested name appropriate and gladly accepted it. Their early rehearsals and gigs were taking place in the art gallery of the Zagreb's Student Centre. After performing in Croatia and Slovenia the group soon got critically acclaimed across the whole former Yugoslav federation and took part in the notable music festival YURM (Yugoslav Rock Moment). In the late 1983 Dorian Gray recorded its debut album "Sjaj u tami" produced by Aleksandar Saša Habić, who played the electric piano in the recording sessions, which also featured guest appearances by the bassist Jadran Zdunić and the saxophone player Miroslav Sedak Benčić. The album, which was a major success was also noted for its artistic record sleeve which was designed by Sanja Baharah and Mario Krištofić. Notable hit single was "Sjaj u tami", a cover version of the famous song "The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine (Anymore)". After the release of the album, the line up was changed since Terzić, Čupić and Krnjić decided to leave the group. New members became: Zdunić, the drummer Dragan Simonovski and the guitarist Zoran Cvetković Zok, a former member of the eminent Croatian and Yugoslav Rock acts Prljavo kazalište and Parni valjak. The second album "Za tvoje oči" which was recorded in Sweden and produced by Sjunne Ferger, was released in 1985. After Dorian Gray disbanded in 1986, Massimo Savić started a successful solo career as a pop music singer. (from wikipedia)

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