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PILOTI - Osmeh letnje noći (1988)

PILOTI fourth album "Osmeh letnje noći" was published on May 11, 1988 by PGP-RTB, and produced by the band themselves for the first time. The author of all the songs was Kiki Lesandrić. Musicians who contributed to this album were Saša Lokner (keyboards), Bane Lesendrić (backing vocals), Viktorija (backing vocals in song "Sa tvoje strane ulice") and Zoran Vračević (percussion). The greatest hit from this album was "Leto" and minor hits were "Ako misliš da sam tužan" and "Ona". During 1989, guitarist Petrovac left the band and Bane Lesandrić, Kiki's brother joined. (from wikipedia)

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