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PARAF - Izleti (1981)

After the album "A dan je tako lijepo počeo" Valter Kocijančić left the band, until quitting his musical career and becoming a teacher, which is also his current occupation. The new members had become the vocalist Pavica Mijatović, using the pseudonym Vim Cola, and guitarist Klaudio Žic. The latter soon after left the band and the new members had become the guitarist Mladen Vičić "Riči" and keyboard player Raul Varlen. With the arrival of the new members, PARAF also changed their musical style, moving towards post-punk, influenced by the popular British bands of the genre. The new musical orientation was presented to the wider audience on the second studio album "Izleti", featuring the songs "Pobuna bubuljica", "Nestašni đački izleti", "Javna kupatila" and "Federico u bačvi", the latter being inspired by the Federico Felini film "Casanova". The album also featured the song "Tužne uši", also released on single. (from wikipedia)

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