četvrtak, 2. srpnja 2015.

SUPER NOVA - Super Nova (1985-89)

One of the first critically acclaimed acts was the rock band SUPER NOVA from Skopje, which utilized rap music elements in some of its songs. The group recorded several rap music tracks for the music production branch of the Macedonian Radio-Television, including "Hip-hop blues", Rap, "Vero" and others, some including pop, rock, funk, reggae or other elements. One of those songs was the anti-war themed "Rapovanje". Its catchy rhyme, ("Better to rap, than to wage war") made it very popular across the country in 1989. In the same year, they performed at two prominent festivals in Subotica and Zaječar). The most notable members of the group were: Vikto Mastoridis (guitar, vocals), Miki Kostadinov (drums), Vlatko Georgiev (keyboards) and Vlasto Janevik-Lucky (bass). (from wikipedia) (thanks to death row)

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