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CRVENA JABUKA - Za sve ove godine (1987)

"Za sve ove godine" is the second album by the Sarajevo based pop rock band CRVENA JABUKA. It was released in 1987. This album was meant to be a tribute album to the band's two lost members: bassist Aljoša Buha and singer and guitarist Dražen Ričl-Zijo. Both members were the purification of the band, and the band seemed to have fell apart without them. Though this album did not reach as much commercial success as the 1986 debut album "Crvena jabuka" did, it did have an acoustic sound to it. The album had two ballads "Tugo nesrećo" and "Uzmi me (kad hoćeš ti)" notable for its recorder solo in the middle of the song. The third single which was more sounding like their first album was the title track. The other two songs on the album that remind fans of the band's first album were "Jedina" and "Otrov". (from wikipedia)

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