nedjelja, 15. veljače 2015.

LUTAJUĆA SRCA - Lutajuća srca 1 (1974)

Acoustic trio LUTAJUĆA SRCA formed in 1970, in Niš, Serbia (ex-Yugoslavia) by Spomenka Đokić (vocal), Milan Marković (guitar, piano) and Miroljub Jovanović (guitar, vocals). They won in 1972 on Youth Festival at Subotica with song "Još malo". This is their compilation album from 1974.

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  1. nice nice blog, dear friend. i'm learning too much about ex-jugo music.
    Many thanks for your time and effort.
    It seems this link doesn't work just now. if you can re-uploaded, i will be so thankful with you.
    Thanks again and again.
    Big hug. Un fuerte abrazo desde Madrid, sPAIN.