utorak, 18. studenoga 2014.

GOLA JAJA - Gola jaja (1978-1984)

GOLA JAJA was probably the first punk rock band in Pula (Croatia), formed in 1978 and one of the greatest punk legends in ex-Yugoslavia. The band is formed by Denis Barlian, Nenad Zec and Zoran Vukelić, then 14-year old kids. The band members were changing often, and in 1982. two demos were recorded by following line-up: Denis Barlian (vocals), Semijan Giljanović (guitar), Tonči Vuković (bass) and Krunoslav Jakšić (drums). In late 80’s, military and marriage obligations of the band members led to disbanding. Vocalist Denis Barlian died in 2008. of kidney cancer. (from last.fm)

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