utorak, 19. kolovoza 2014.

U.B.R. - Corpus delicti (1984) EP

U.B.R. was one of the first hardcore / punk bands in Slovenia and the former Yugoslavia. This is their EP from 1984.


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  1. thank you so much!

    I used to have this single!

    Please keep going with the Punk stuff!


    I used to have a yellow single from a Slovenian Hardcore band that was really good but I can't remember the name of the band. It had like 30 songs or something. This was after Napalm Death and Seven Minutes Of Nausea were releasing all these singles with 3 second songs ... lol ... but this Slovenian band really sounded good.

    Anyways, THANK YOU so much for all the rare goodies!

  2. no ,,, they were a lot harder but I love tozibabe

  3. it was EXTREME SMOKE 57