petak, 27. lipnja 2014.

IZVIR - Izvir (1977)

Jazz-rock band IZVIR was formed in Ljubljana, Slovenia (ex-Yugoslavia) back around 1971, although not under that name, and was active until 1978. In this period they released two singles and the eponymous LP album, which today rank as highly valued collectors' items and are rare to find. Members of the band were Marko Bitenc (vocal, percussion), Marjan Lebar (bass), Slavko Lebar (guitar), Andrej Petković (drums), Franc Opeka (guitar), Davor Petrić (guitar) and Andrej Konjajev (organ, piano, vocal). After the break-up of Izvir, most of them collaborated with group Predmestje and other Slovenian jazz-rock acts. (from


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