četvrtak, 31. siječnja 2013.

DEN ZA DEN - Den za den (1980)

Frequently compared to Macedonia's most famous progressive rock group Leb i Sol, personally I don't hear it so much. DEN ZA DEN are way more fiery, with a stronger melodic sense. Still there's no denying the late 70's fusion sound. What separates Den za den from the pack is the exceptional guitarist, the distinct melodies, and perhaps best of all, the insane drumming along the lines of Arti + Mestieri. I'm a sucker for active drummers, so I naturally rate this one higher than other fusion albums of the era. Maybe Slovakia's Fermata is the closest comparison amongst the usual suspects like Mahavishnu Orchestra and Weather Report. (from rateyourmusic.com)

utorak, 22. siječnja 2013.

METRO - Čupave glave (1983)

METRO was a Serbian hard-rock band from Jagodina/Paraćin. This is their first album from 1983.


petak, 18. siječnja 2013.

PERSIJSKI TEPIH - Tartufi (1986)

PERSIJSKI TEPIH was formed in 1982, in Kruševac (Serbia) by Zoran Spasić (vocal, guitar and composer), Dragana Smiljković (bass) and Zlatibor Kramarić (drums). They published two albums: "Tartufi" (1986) and "Transilvanija" (1987).

četvrtak, 17. siječnja 2013.

BICIKL - Palanačka hronika (1981) Single

BICIKL was a Serbian rock band active in the late 70's and early 80's in former Yugoslavia. This is their only single record from 1981.

srijeda, 16. siječnja 2013.

utorak, 15. siječnja 2013.

FORMULA 4 - Mladi smo, mladi mi (1979) Single

FORMULA 4 was a rock band from Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), active in the 70's and 80's. They recorded only two single records. This is their second single record from 1979.


ponedjeljak, 14. siječnja 2013.

OKTOPUS - Da ili ne (1982)

OKTOPUS was a rock band from Subotica (Serbia), active in the 70's and 80's. This is their first album from 1982.


četvrtak, 10. siječnja 2013.

VALENTINO - Valentino No. 4 (1988)

VALENTINO was a Bosnian pop rock band formed in Sarajevo, active in period 1982-1990, in former Yugoslavia. This is their fourth album from 1983.

srijeda, 9. siječnja 2013.

KRISTALI - Kristali (1962-63)

KRISTALI were from Zagreb, Croatia (ex-Yugoslavia). They formed in 1962, inspired by Duane Eddy, Johnny & The Hurricanes and The Champs. They recorded a few songs for Radio Zagreb in 1963.

VOKINS - Alibaba (1974) Single

VOKINS was a pop rock band from Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina). They published only one single record in 1974.


ponedjeljak, 7. siječnja 2013.

VOZDRA - Cimciraste šamšare (1975) Single

VOZDRA was a pop rock band from Sarajevo (Bosnia And Herzegovina), established by Ranko Boban (singer, guitarist and composer). They recorded two singles records. This is their second single record from 1975.

nedjelja, 6. siječnja 2013.

OKTOGON - Nešto se ruši oko nas (1989)

OKTOGON was a rock band from Zagreb (Croatia), active in the late of 80's. This is their only album from 1989.

utorak, 1. siječnja 2013.

DRAGOLJUBOV TAXI - Dragoljubov Taxi (1979)

Dragoljub Crnčević is a Serbian blues guitarist and singer, leader of DRAGOLJUBOV TAXI, 'Point Blank' and 'Blue Taxi'. Under alias "Baki", Dragoljub released solo album "Into The Heart" in 1987. This is his first album from 1979.