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CONCORDE - Have The Blues (1984)

CONCORDE was formed in 1982, in Skoplje, Macedonia (ex-Yugoslavia). Their one and only album "Have The Blues" produced by Vedran Božić and recorded in studio "J.M. Sound" in Zagreb in 1984. Band members were: Sejat Jakupi - vocal, Venko Serafimov - guitar, Kokan Pandilovski - bass, Zoran Pahčievski - keyboards and Bruno Grozdanov - drums. (from exyupoprockmadness)

PATROLA - U sredini (1981)

PATROLA formed in Zagreb, Croatia (ex-Yugoslavia) in 1980. The first and only album "U sredini" was one of the best works of the time, relying on the typical pop-ska-reggae form with additional power and the impact of pop artists like Blondie, The Police, The Jam, The Clash, Elvis Costello etc. However, throughout the flood Yu-New Wave artists and albums (Azra, Prljavo kazalište, Film, Haustor, Šarlo akrobata, Idoli, Električni orgazam, Stidljiva ljubičica,Parlament, Metak...), Patrola had an accident that the last published album, which is preparing a full two years. Release of the album was postponed due to military service at that time was 15 months, so the occasion of the release sounded like a copy of Prljavo kazalište, Film and Azra, a band was forced to seek its place in "another league" Yu-new wave, which resulting in a much weaker circulation of all these compositions. The album contains ten great pop songs which are the main motives of youthful preoccupations about entertainment, going out and describe the atmosphere of Zagreb these years.

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JOSEF K. - Zajedno u snovima (1988)

JOSEF K. was a rock band from Titograd (Crna Gora) in former Yugoslavia. This is their only album from 1988.


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TRIANGL - Glineno oko (1982) Single

TRIANGL was a rock band from Skoplje, Macedonia, active in 70's and 80's. This is their single record from 1982.


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ŽETEOCI - To nije tajna (1969)

ŽETEOCI was founded in Zagreb, Croatia (ex-Yugoslavia) in 1965 by students of Catholic university: Mijo Gabrić (drums, vocal), Mijo Bergovec (keyboards, vocal), Mato Dukić (vocal, bass guitar) and Valent Bogadi (guitar, vocal). In 1969 they recorded LP "To nije tajna", one of the first Lp's in ex-Yugoslavia. Album produced by Pero Gotovac. They split in 1971.