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TOMA BEBIĆ - Oya Noya (1980)

During his life TOMA BEBIĆ worked as a navy officer, teacher, secretary, journalist, court distraint, football coach, mechanic and much more. As an artist he was musician, writer, actor, painter, poet... All because, like he said, he never could became what he wanted to. Or.. in some other episode he liked to describe himself: Through millions occupations, for a crumb of epistemology. But most of all he was a humanist. Love for the people, love for the nature and love for the life. All mixed with his special and original humor. The book of aphorisms: "Volite se ljudožderi" was published after his death from his unpublished books, manuscripts and tone records. And his two very popular albums from 1975. "Volite se ljudožderi" and 1980. "Oya noya" becoming more and more popular, and every respectable Croatian artist finds inspiration in his distinctive lyrics and music. He was an anarchist and died of lung cancer in 1990. (from wikipedia)

VAN GOGH - Van Gogh (1986)

VAN GOGH was formed in 1986, in Beograd, Serbia (ex-Yugoslavia). The first lineup consisted of Zvonimir Đukić "Đule" (guitar), Srboljub Radivojević (drums), Đorđe Petrović (a former Zajedno member, keyboards), Goran Milisavljević (vocals), and Predrag Popović (a former Rock Ekspres member, bass guitar). In February 1986, the band released their debut single "Tragovi prošlosti", and in May they appeared at Youth Festival in Subotica, performing songs "Tragovi prošlosti", "Tvoj smeh" and "Menjam se", and winning the second place by the choice of the audience, and the third place by the choice of the jury. At the end of 1986 the band released their debut self-titled album. The album lyrics were written by Milisavjević, the music was written by Đukić, and the album was produced by Đorđe Petrović. The album featured new versions of "Tragovi prošlosti", "Tvoj smeh" and "Menjam se". After a number of concerts Van Gogh disbanded. Before the 1990 reunion Đukić performed with band Fit (participating in the recording of their debut album "Uz rijeku", band Ekatarina Velika (participating in the recording of their album "Samo par godina za nas") and Nikola Čuturilo. (from wikipedia)

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CLAN - Ne optužuj me (1973) Single

CLAN was a rock band from Zagreb (Croatia), active in the seventies. This is their first single record from 1973.

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BEZIMENI (Zagreb) - Crossfire (1962-64)

BEZIMENI started in Zagreb, Croatia (ex-Yugoslavia) in 1961. Band founded by Janko Mlinarić Truli (bass and vocal) with Slaven Rački (guitar), Željko Margetić Marga (guitar), Petko Kantardžijev Mlinac (keyboards), Mahmut Ismailovski (saxophones) and Radovan Krajnović Braco (drums and vocal). They split in 1964.